Every year IPEM responds to a whole range of consultations from all sorts of public bodies, everything from government departments and House of Commons and House of Lords select committees, to NHS organisations and other regulatory bodies, such as the Health & Safety Executive. The expertise and experience of our members is vital to enable IPEM to respond to such consultations with an authoritative voice.

Wherever possible, once a consultation has concluded and the organisation has published its report or response, the link will take you to the published document or relevant webpage.


Department for Education: The Advanced British Standard


NICE: Artificial intelligence technologies to aid contouring for radiotherapy treatment planning

Department for Science, Innovation and Technology AI regulation: a pro-innovation approach

Government response February 2024

Health and Social Care Committee Future Cancer inquiry


APPG for Radiotherapy’s inquiry into radiotherapy and the cancer crisis

IPEM response January 2023

Science and Technology Committee call for evidence: Governance of Artificial Intelligence

Committee Interim Report September 2023

IPEM response November 2022 

Public Bill Committee call for evidence: Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill

IPEM response November 2022

Department of Health and Social Care: 10-Year Cancer Plan Call for Evidence

Government response May 2023

IPEM response April 2022

Department of Health and Social Care: Healthcare regulation: deciding when statutory registration is appropriate

IPEM response March 2022

Health and Social Care Committee Expert Panel evaluation of cancer services report

IPEM response January 2022


MHRA consultation on the future regulation of medical devices in the UK

IPEM response 25 November

Government response 26 June 2022

Health and Social Care Committee: Cancer Services

IPEM response 27 August 

Committee Report April 2022

Department of Health and Social Care: Regulating healthcare professionals, protecting the public

DHSC response 17 February 2023

IPEM response 16 June

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Radiotherapy on Solutions to the Covid-induced cancer backlog

IPEM response 14 May

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Diversity and Inclusion in STEM

IPEM response 25 January      APPG Report July

National School of Healthcare Science STP core curriculum review

IPEM response 29 January



Government Comprehensive Spending Review 

IPEM response 24 September

Migration Advisory Committee call for evidence on the national shortage occupation list

IPEM response June

IPEM, RCR and SCoR response to the call for evidence from the Commons Select Health and Social Care Committee for the inquiry into ‘Delivering Core NHS and Care Services during the Pandemic and Beyond’ (diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology capacity) 7 May

Committee report September     Government response Jan 2021

House of Commons Public Bill Committee scrutiny of the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill

IPEM response March


All Party Parliamentary Group on Radiotherapy inquiry

IPEM response 7 June         APPGRT Report

MHRA health institution exemption for IVDR/MDR

IPEM response 29 March

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Brexit, Science and Innovation: Preparations for 'No-Deal' inquiry

IPEM response 18 January

Migration Advisory Committee's call for evidence on the national shortage occupation list

IPEM response 4 January



NHS Improvement: Developing a patient safety strategy for the NHS

IPEM response 14 February       

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Brexit: science and innovation summit inquiry

IPEM response 5 February      Government response May

Health Education England: Cancer Workforce Plan call for evidence 

IPEM response 1 February

NHS England: Modernising radiotherapy services

IPEM response 24 January       NHS England report 

Department for Health & Social Care consultation on: Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation

IPEM response 23 January       Government response July 2019