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The Science, Technology and Engineering Research and Innovation Council (STERIC) is a strategic council and leads IPEM’s scientific, academic, innovation and research activities. This includes interaction with IPEM’s Special Interest Groups, the Editor-in-Chief of IPEM’s Report Series, and the Events Panel to oversee all areas of research and development, project work, knowledge creation and output across IPEM. STERIC also approves Task and Finish Group proposals and technical and scientific output.

Committee Members 2021-2022

Director - Dr Andrew Reilly
Deputy Director - Dr Mohammad Al-Amri 
Member - Dr Tony Dix
Member - Dr Siu Man Lee
Member - Dr John Thornton
Member - Dr Eduardo Villarreal Barajas
Dr Sarah Prescott - Special Interest Group Representative 
IPEM CEO - Mr Philip Morgan
Professional Knowledge and Innovation Manager - Dr Catriona Inverarity