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  Autumn 2021
Main Feature: Airborne Transmission

Also featuring:
MPEC 2021: Why this matters to me

  Summer 2021
Main Feature: A Step Into The Unknown

Also featuring:
Integration and Innovation


Spring 2021

Main Feature: The Physics of Life

Also featuring:

Technology Substantiated

Winter 2020

Main Feature: Complete Immersion

Also Featuring:

Syringe Driven Infusion


 Autumn 2020

 Main Feature: Inside the Nightingale

Also featuring:

Weight loss in radiotherapy

Summer 2020

Main Feature: Keep breathing

Also featuring:

Brick by brick - The Little Linac journey

March 2020

Main Feature: The Keystone Model 

Also featuring:

Radiation protection: things you need to know


December 2019

Main Feature: Stay on Target

Also featuring:

MPEC 2019: The president, the cupcakes and a 40th birthday party


  September 2019

  European dimension to qualification of technologists
  Sir Godfrey Hounsfield - the man behind the CT scanner
  Should pacemaker patients have better access to MRI scanning?
  How to be on top of your game in the profession


 June 2019

Main feature: Pushing on to Invictus success

Also featuring:

The new science of Bioinformatics



March 2019

Main Feature: Gender Equality what is Medical Physics doing to get it right

Also Featuring:

Clinical Engineering The development of portable medical devices


December 18

Main Feature: The Little Linac Project

Also featuring:

Quality Management in radiotherapy services


 September 18

Main Feature: 2018 The Year of Engineering

Also featuring:

 MDR: The health Institution exemption and MHRA draft guidance


  June 18

 Also Featuring:

 New regulation for medical exposure to ionising radiation

 Driving technique improvement



March 2018

Main Feature: Growth of Medical Physics

Also Featuring: 

Career Planning

Dec 2017

Main feature: Prostate brachytherapy

Also Featuring:

Meet the new PEP members
Evidence-based policymaking



 Sept 2017

  Main Features: Scottish Technologist training

  Also Featuring:
Requirements specification



   June 2017

  Main Features: Project Management Methodology for software development

  Also featuring:  
  The Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group    




  March 2017

   Main features: Managing computing activities

   Also featuring:
Dr Ganney's top 10 tips for safer working software
   Spotlight on best educational practice in teaching



December 2016 

September 2016

Main features : IPEM survey of the current status of PET/CT imaging

Also Featuring:

Magnetic resonance safety from gradients and pulses
The software Lifecycle: common methodologies

June 2016
Main feature: Soldiers without arms: Limb prosthesis in WWI

Also featuring:
Spotlight on educational practice in teaching
MRI Safety





March 2016
Main Feature: The Hirtz compass, X-ray guided surgery in WWI

Also featuring:
HSST, HSST equivalence route and HSSR
Honours Nominations
Technologist training, RCT and Registration




December 2015
Main Feature: Academic Careers, Successful PhD Study

Also Featuring

Scope Magazine Survey
Clinical Technology
Historical Feature




September 2015
Main Feature:  When your life depends of software:

Also featuring:

A Knowledge-based approach to guidelines
New IPEM President
National UK Audit of rotational IMRT




June 2015
Main Feature:  Lack of Clinical Engineers... Are there any safety implications?

Also featuring:

Biomedical Engineering course for Year 11 Pupils
Meet your regional Chair
Computed tomography guidance in imaging




March 2015
Main Feature: Service quality Benchmarking new systems

Also featuring:

Delivering sonographic education and training
Person-centred care
Image processing and analysis using ImageJ




December 2014
Main Feature: Proton Therapy - hype, fiction and a few facts.

Also featuring:

Radiotherapy extending hours three-part report
Crossing the great divide
The rise of nanotechnology, the new frontier in medicine.


 September 2014

Main Feature: CPD - A golden opportunity or the bane of our lives?

Also featuring:

Campaigning about quality of care?
HSST Programmes
Pathways towards CEng for clinical engineers



June 2014
Main Feature:  Repair to Care: Helping in South Sudan

Also Featuring:

Failure Mode Analysis
CT Gently App
Dawn of Electronic Era
Tomotherapy QA Survey
IPEM's Research and Innovation Awards


March 2014
Main Feature: ICMP 2013: Report from Brighton

Also featuring:

Results from the 2013 IPEM membership survey
Bluffer's guide to 80000-1
Clinical engineers don't fade, they write novels!


December 2013
Main Feature: Edith Stoney MA, the first women medical physicist

Also featuring:
Managing maternal medical equipment in Uganda
Awarding bursaries and prizes for 2013 work
The PMSIG members: so what's your day job?
Science career aspirations
I'm a scientist, get me out of here


 September 2013
Main Feature: Singing in the Scanner

Also featuring:
paRTner: UK-Africa partnership for radiotherapy
Introducing Steve Keevil
International Day of Medical Physics
Making the most of your IPEM Membership



June 2013
Main feature: Half a century - Celebrating in Edinburgh

Also featuring:
Correcting interruptions in radiotherapy treatment
Book now for ICMP2013
Medical equipment in developing countries




March 2013
Main feature: Oxford Experience: The success of MPEC 2012

Also featuring:
Stereophotogrammetry for breast reconstruction
Collaboration with India
Ensuring patient safety with regular inspections?




 December 2012
Main feature: Career journey: From CERN to radiotherapy

Also featuring:

Bilateral mammographic breast tissue asymmetry
Sweet and sour in Beijing
Prizes to be awarded to members for work



September 2012
Main feature: Call for Engagement: Science and Parliament

Also featuring:

A work of fiction?: Alice through the archive cupboard
Radiating enthusiasm: IPEM at the 2012 Big Bang Science Fair




June 2012
Main feature:
Hybrid imaging: The UK's first PET/MR scanner

Also featuring:
IGRT survery: Results from the IPEM Working Party
Historical feature: Adolf Fick and physiological physics





March 2012
Main feature:

History in London: Nineteenth-century medical physics
Also featuring:
Novel surgical design: Method to optimise bone locking implants
Engineering World Health: Meeting reports about the company's work




December 2011
Main feature:

EMPEC2011: Meeting reports from Dublin
Also featuring:
Open-loop lung simulator: For ventilation of preterm infants
Radium storage during WWII: The recovery of radium after bomb explosions




September 2011
Main feature: Pierre Pelletan: First medical physics textbook author

Also featuring:
Temperature measurement: New standards for instrumentation
Video game training: A neuromuscular stimulation system




June 2011
Main feature: Yellow brick road: The path to CEng through IPEM

Also featuring:
Presentation to Parliament: Medical physics discussion meeting
History of Medical Physics: Honouring Jean-Noël Halle's pioneering work






March 2011
Main feature: History Lesson: The start of medical physics

Also featuring:
Professional Registration: Engineering Council Accreditation
The 2009 UK IMRT Audit: A snapshot of the status of IMRT in the UK




December 2010
Main feature:
Special Deliveries: Sending radon and radium by post

Also featuring:
Remote patient monitoring: To improve patient care on general wards
Simulator systems: For carrying out epicardial procedures



 September 2010
Main feature: Testing Shielding : Its integrity for radiation facilities

Also featuring:
Pressure sores preventions : By neuromuscular stimulation
WLAN interface for a Holter : A wireless communication




June 2010 

Main feature: Emergency Plans: NAIR incident training exercises

Also featuring:
Moving on(line) : The launch of online Scope
Big Bang Fair 2010 : IPEM promoting scientific careers

March 2010
Main feature: A work of art : medical physicist in MRI art

Also featuring:
Reliability Engineering : Part 2: case study of syringe drivers
The case for revalidation : Two sides of the argument




December 2009
Main feature: Reliability engineering : Fundamentals of relability analysis

Also featuring:
Unsung heroes of healthcare : Recognised for their valuable contribution
Organising a joint meeting : Do you feel lucky, IPEM Member?




September 2009
Main feature: Radiotherapy Audit : A difficult but awesome challenge

Also featuring:
Cardiac Activity Modelling : Using Maths to explain and predict activity 
Digital Seating Services : Designing wheelchair seating digitally




June 2009
Main feature: Heart and Breathing : IPEM's first PhD research study

Also featuring:
Heart valve modelling : Potentials of mechanical valves
High or low risk strategy? : Extending equipment service intervals





March 2009
Main feature: African Safari : Medical Engineering in Tanzania

Also featuring:
Therepeutic stimulation : Electrical nerve stimulation
Planning algorithms : Photon and electron calculations




December 2008
Main feature: IPEM Annual Meeting : In-depth meeting report from Bath

Also featuring:
World class radiotherapy : Vision of a leading service for the future
Radiotherapy staffing survey : Situations and standards in the UK




September 2008
Main feature: Ultrasonic detection

Also featuring:
Image registration : Tutorial on medical imaging technique
Research collaboration : Scottish consortium sharing brain research




June 2008
Main feature: Predicting Eye colour : Monte Carlo simulation

Also featuring:
There goes the science bit : Speaking out about nonsensical science
Sample size calculations : Use of statistics in clinical trials




March 2008
Main feature: University Research: Funding and assessment exercise

Also featuring:
K-space: the final frontier : The concept explained in this helpful tutorial



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