Roberts Prize


Awarded annually for the best paper in Physics in Medicine and Biology.

John Eric Roberts was one of the small group of UK physicists who were instrumental in launching medical physics as a profession.  He was born in Leeds in 1907 and graduated from that University in 1928, remaining for a further four years to complete a PhD.  In 1932 he moved to the Royal Marsden, where he worked with Val Mayneord.  A few years later he moved to the Middlesex Hospital, becoming Professor of Physics Applied to Medicine.

Roberts was highly regarded, and his advice was sought at home and aboard.  He was the first physics advisor to the Department of Health, where he chaired the radiotherapy equipment safety panel.  He was a Visiting Professor at Cairo University, adviser to the Government

He was elected president of HPA and BIR in successive years, and was the first editor of Physics in Medicine and Biology.

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