Woolmer Lecture 

The Woolmer lecture is dedicated to the contribution that Professor Ronald Woolmer made to the formation of a multidisciplinary approach to biomedical engineering.

Ronald Woolmer did his clinical training at St Thomas’ Hospital, graduating in 1932.  During the war he served in the RNVR, being demobilised as a Surgeon Commander.  

In 1946 he was appointed Senior Lecturer in Anaesthetics at Bristol University, and in 1957 he became the first Director of the newly-created Research Department of Anaesthetics at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Ronald Woolmer was instrumental in convening a meeting at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, of colleagues interested in the many aspects of the evolving field of engineering applied to medicine.  Approximately 40 people were present at this meeting, which was held shortly after Ronald Woolmer, and Alfred Nightingale (a medical physicist) attended the founding meeting of the International Federation of Medical Electronics in Paris during 1959.  It was subsequently agreed that the group should hold regular meetings, and so the Biological Engineering Society (BES) was formed with Ronald Woolmer as the first President and Alfred Nightingale as Honorary Secretary.  Unfortunately, Ronald Woolmer died about two years after the formation of the BES and it was subsequently agreed that a memorial lecture would be sponsored to recognise his tremendous foresight.

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