Douglas Lea Lecture 

The Douglas Lea Lecture was established in 1948 as a memorial to commemorate the work of Dr Douglas Lea in the field of Physics as applied to biology and medicine, following his untimely death.
The lecture was sponsored by the then learned wing of the Hospital Physicists’ Association, initially as a biennial event, normally in an area of physics applied to biology and, whenever possible, within the narrower field of the actions of radiation on living cells – radiobiology.
The biennial lecture featured in the scientific programmes of annual meetings of the Hospital Physicists’ Association and, later, the Institute of Physical Sciences in Medicine, which was formed when professional and learned society activities were separated from the trade union activities of the HPA.  

Following the merger of IPSM and the Biological Engineering Society in 1995 and the collaboration of the resultant Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine with the BIR, CoR and RCR from 1997, the Douglas Lea Lecture  became an eponymous lecture at either the United Kingdom Radiological Congress (UKRC) or United Kingdom Radiation Oncology (UKRO) Conference and from 2017 at the UK Radiological and Radiation Oncology Congress.
We do not forget the significant contribution that Douglas Lea made to the field of radiobiology in his relatively short life.

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