Rotational Competencies Videos - on demand
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The covid-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on all parts of the NHS, including Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering and those working through the Scientist Training Programme (STP). With routine work disrupted, staff working from home or being redeployed and even some trainees being compulsorily redeployed it must be anticipated that many trainees will have fallen behind and/or receive non-ideal training. 

To help, we have commissioned a suite of training videos which may be useful as a light-touch approach to augment disrupted training or be used as general educational tools. Whilst this is not intended as a substitute for practical training, we hope that this will be helpful to the community of trainees and trainers whose training opportunities have been disrupted. They could, for example, be used to reinforce learning experiences that might happen more frequently in normal circumstances.

Our enormous thanks to those who’ve been able to contribute to this project by featuring in videos, if you have been involved in these videos and would like to take up the offer of complimentary access please email

There are currently 10 sessions to watch which are:

  • Imaging with Ionising Competency 17
  • Imaging with Ionising Competency 24 Part 1 - PCXMC
  • Imaging with Ionising Competency 19 & 23
  • Imaging with Ionising Intro to X-ray Room
  • Radiation Safety Competencies 7, 9 & 10
  • Imaging with Ionising Competency 24 Part2 - Impact
  • Radiation Physics Competency 10
  • Clinical Measurement Competencies 6&7
  • NEW: Device Risk Management & Governance Competency 6
  • NEW: Device Risk Management & Governance Competency 13 & 14

You can either buy an individual session to watch for £5 or access to all for £25.