Cover of Vascular Laboratory Practice (4 part set)

Vascular Laboratory Practice (4 part set)

Published Institute of Physics & Engineering In Medicine: 2002: IPEM Report Series


This publication has been commissioned by the Society for Vascular Technology and published in collaboration with IPEM to provide a set of national guidelines for the recommended working practice in vascular laboratories. It takes the form of a modular “how to do it” manual of cerebrovascular, lower limb arterial and venous investigations. Each of the four parts describe how to perform each test in a step by step format, covers relevant anatomy, physiology and presenting symptoms, equipment required, interpretation of results, pitfalls and other aetiologies. Part 1 includes chapters on relevant physics topics, duplex ultrasound controls, safety issues and reporting standards, as well as a comprehensive glossary, references and bibliography. Chapters on upper limb arterial and venous assessment and visceral vessel assessment are being written and will be published later, at additional cost, as two additional parts. These guidelines from SVT should be essential reading for anyone working in a vascular laboratory, vascular radiologists and vascular nurses as well as manufacturers and suppliers of ultrasound equipment