Cover of Thermoacoustic Tomography: Principles and Applications

Thermoacoustic Tomography: Principles and Applications

Published by Institute of Physics Publishing : March 2020: Series: IPEM-IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Huabei Jiang

This book is the first of its kind to cover the underlying principles and biomedical applications of thermoacoustic tomography (TAT). Written in a tutorial format, it describes the fundamentals of TAT; details advanced approaches for quantitative TAT; explores the development of several image enhancing schemes including both software and hardware approaches; examines array-based TAT systems; considers high-resolution TAT approaches and combinations of TAT with other imaging methods; addresses contrast agent-based molecular TAT; and discusses clinical applications and animal studies in the areas of brain, breast, joint, thyroid, liver and vascular imaging. It is a valuable resource for students, academics, and industry specialists, including biomedical engineers, electrical engineers, physicists and mathematicians.

Key Features
  • The first authored book on nanoscale energy transport
  • Principles and applications are emphasized
  • Full coverage of all key topics
  • Written by a leading researcher who's pioneering contributions have help helped develop the field