Cover of The Gamma Camera: A Comprehensive Guide

The Gamma Camera: A Comprehensive Guide

Published Institute of Physics & Engineering In Medicine: 2013: IPEM Report Series


In this book Professor Richard Lawson has brought together much of the material that he has used in over 30 years of teaching nuclear medicine to medical physicists, doctors, technicians and radiographers. It covers in depth everything that anyone working in nuclear medicine might wish to know about the operation of a gamma camera. There is much greater detail than can be found in general nuclear medicine textbooks, and indeed there are some concepts and explanations that are not to be found in any other book but which Richard has found to be helpful to his students over the years. The book starts with a historical overview of the development of the gamma camera and then explains the operation of individual designs, from the basic Anger camera to modern solid state cameras. It continues with chapters on quality control, data acquisition modes, SPECT and hybrid SPECT-CT. It is illustrated throughout with many of Richard’s own photographs and diagrams.