Cover of Report 85 Radioactive Sample Counting - Principles and Practice

Report 85 Radioactive Sample Counting - Principles and Practice

Published Institute of Physics & Engineering In Medicine: 2002: IPEM Report Series


This report contains a wealth of information for those involved with purchasing, installing and operating a radioactive sample counter. It is an important reference for Medical Physics, Nuclear Medicine and Biochemistry Departments; also for Universities, Medical Schools, Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. Readers will find that the document: • details the basic principles behind the detection of radiation using scintillation detectors. • provides a concise description of the basic design of modern radioactive sample counters; • describes the facilities available for data analysis and presentation; • identifies those parameters which are important during daily use; • suggests factors which should be considered when purchasing a counter; • suggests calibration and service procedures to maintain the performance of the counter. This publication includes thorough descriptions of interaction processes, the detection of radiation, nucleonic equipment and methods of data correction. In addition it describes new developments such as scintillator cocktails, self calibrating quality assurance regimes and networked output devices.