Cover of Report 109 Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine

Report 109 Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine

Published Institute of Physics & Engineering In Medicine: 2014: IPEM Report Series


This report aims to provide comprehensive guidance on the radiation protection requirements for Nuclear Medicine. The current legislative framework is introduced early, with further administrative detail (practical and operational aspects) in each chapter. The therapeutic characteristics of unsealed radionuclides are discussed, followed by all aspects of their use. This includes preparation, dispensing, transport and storage, imaging and associated procedures, monitoring and disposal. Discussion includes PET and cyclotron facilities. Some chapters cover radiation protection for specific clinical areas such as paediatric nuclear medicine. Often practical examples are used, and content covers the handling of clinical incidents and emergencies. This Report will be of interest to Radiation Protection Advisors/Supervisors who have responsibilities for Nuclear Medicine, or conversely to those who work in Nuclear Medicine departments with an interest in or responsibility for radiation protection. Those involved in teaching and training will also find this Report useful.