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Dates: 10/04/2023, 00:00 - 10/04/2024, 00:00
Venue: Royal Surrey County Hospital
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STP Computing in Healthcare

This course provides a comprehensive overview of computing in healthcare and hands on experience of practical skills transferable to your workplace.


For STP trainees studying on the pre-2022 STP curriculum, the course will equip you to complete all IT-related competencies, case-based discussions (CBD) and direct observations of practical skills (DOPS) for the Medical Physics Scientist Training Program (STP). At the end of course, these assessments and subset of these competencies will be signed-off on OneFile. The same applies to Clinical Engineering, Clinical Informatics and Clinical Scientific Computing STP trainees studying on the updated 2022 STP curriculum.

For Medical Physics STP trainees studying on the updated 2022 STP curriculum, this modified curriculum no longer contains computing elements. However we consider that this course will provide you with invaluable skills and knowledge that will enhance your career development as a clinical scientist, and that will be a significant asset to your workplace. In this case, the same level of feedback will provided as for pre-2022 STP trainees, however the mechanism for this will be exchange of documents via email and the awarding of course completion certificates.

Register here or find out more about us and the course and have a look at the  course syllabus and schedule for details of what will be covered.

The next course will run from 3rd – 6th September 2024.


Course Details