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Dates: 11/03/2022, 00:00 - 11/03/2023, 00:00
Venue: The Royal College of Radiologists
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11/03/2022, 00:00 -
11/03/2023, 00:00
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The Royal College of Radiologists
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Foundations of Leadership in Radiation Oncology

This course introduces foundation principles of effective leadership as they apply to senior trainees and junior practitioners in the radiation oncology professions within the UK. The multi-professional course is directed at professionals interested in developing expertise in leading teams for quality improvement, advocacy and in all situations where they might positively influence the future of our discipline within both local and international settings. In addition to our clinical oncologist colleagues, this course is open clinical scientists and medical physicists.


Applications for the May/June 2022 session is now closed. Dates for the next sessions will be uploaded soon.


Foundations of leadership in radiation oncology

16 May (introductory webinar, 18:00-19:30)

17, 20 and 21 June (online course, 10:00-13:00)

Key date: Application deadline 31 March 2022

The course will start on Monday 16 May 2022 online, consisting of an introductory 90-minute tutorial with the participants and teachers followed by online exercises and compulsory electronic learning modules to be completed prior to the start of the interactive online sessions. The course topics include:

  • An introduction to leadership
  • Basics of leadership theory and styles
  • Self-awareness, personality and emotional intelligence
  • Leading and managing change
  • Tools and strategies for leading quality improvement processes
  • Team building and engagement
  • Creating and communicating a vision for change

To apply for the Foundations of Leadership in Radiation Oncology course, please complete the application form on the course website by clicking on the course details link below, applications should be completed by Thursday 31 March 2022. This form includes a statement of intent, which will be reviewed by our expert panel. Applications are accepted based on the evaluation of the application.


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