Workforce Intelligence Unit

IPEM’s Workforce Intelligence Unit provides accurate data on the UK medical physics and engineering sectors, for the benefit 

of both the profession and patients. IPEM is uniquely well placed to collect and interpret this data from a complex workforce landscape, across the UK.

The Unit comprises the Workforce Intelligence Manager, Jemimah Eve, along with the Workforce Intelligence Administrator, Adam Hyett, and is overseen by IPEM's UK Liaison Group.

Data, surveys, reports and guidance notes from the WIU are available on our members' pages

Why do we need accurate workforce data?

High-quality data is vital to ensuring the right decisions are made on issues such as training, recruitment, staffing and services.  The Unit was set up in 2013 to meet a widely recognised lack of comprehensive data in this area. The information we collect is used to:

  • Advise on policy. Decision makers such as Higher Education England and the National Shortage Occupation List need such data, often at short notice. The information could prove particularly important for a possible future review of NHS healthcare science.
  • Inform our members. The data is available for our members to use to help them influence local, regional or national decisions.
  • Shape IPEM’s own work. The Unit’s work improves IPEM’s knowledge and understanding of the sector and helps form policies and priorities.

Contribute to IPEM's workforce data

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What is the unit working on?

Clinical Computing

The Unit is working with the ICSIG to undertake a survey to find out the extent of Clinical Computing activities that the medical physics and clinical engineering workforce undertake as part of their roles. We are hoping to hear from all who carry out Clinical Computing functions in order to create a true picture of the breadth and depth of computing activities and their importance in medical physics. The survey can be found here, and we'd like to hear from all medical physicists and clinical engineers, whether IPEM members or not, so do please spread the word and pass the link on.

Clinical Engineering Workforce

Survey closed, data has been analysed and published in the member pages.

Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Protection

Survey closed, data is currently in analysis.

Workforce Surveys 2018

  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Physiological Measurement Scoping


 Visit the members' pages for results of mapping and surveys.

Electronic Staff Records (ESR)

NHS England and Wales recently updated the ESR coding for healthcare science staff. The new codes are much more detailed than before and an important opportunity to collect better workforce data.  To ensure the new codes are applied consistently, the Unit worked with heads of department to produce guidance notes. Visit the members' pages for more information and guidance notes.  

Workforce watch

A confidential way to report any workforce changes that could threaten service delivery, such as band downgrading or non-replacement of staff. The aim is to develop a nationwide picture of any concerns, with which to address senior officials, if necessary. We do not intercede in individual cases. Workforce watch.

How is access to the data controlled?

All information collected is treated in strict compliance with the Data Protection Act. We also recognise other confidentiality issues. Some of our information is being made available to IPEM members only, at least in the first instance. You can view our Data Usage Policy here.

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