MRSE Certificate of Competence

IPEM is pleased to announce the launch of the IPEM Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert (MRSE) Certificate of Competence.

The certification model that IPEM has adopted requires both knowledge and experience. The knowledge is demonstrated by successfully completing the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS) MRSE exam. The MR experience of an applicant is assessed from a structured portfolio demonstrating a broad range of MRSE activities.

The scheme will open to applicants in early 2021 and more detailed information regarding experience requirements will be available at that time. There will be 2 application deadlines each year, in the second and fourth quarters. Submissions will take approximately 3 months to assess. Successful applicants will be issued with a certificate and their names will be published in IPEM communications.

The initial application fee will be £75 and the certificate of competence will be valid for 5 years.


MRSE Assessors

Six experienced individuals with a high level of scientific MR safety knowledge as well as experience are now required to be assessors for the scheme. 

Anyone interested in becoming an assessor should review the eligibility requirements / role description and complete the assessor application form.

The deadline is 20 November 2020. Please follow the guidance given on the assessor application form and send back to 

 The time commitment for the assessor role is as follows: 

1. Participate in two assessment meetings planned to be during the weeks commencing 14 December 2020 and the 11 January 2021. You will be asked to bring some examples from your own portfolio of MR safety experience to these meetings for use as training material for all assessors. The experience requirements for applicants to the scheme will also be finalised and issued after these meetings. 

2. Participate in an annual assessment meeting to review the IPEM MRSE Certificate of Competence scheme. 

3. Assess a batch of applications submitted ahead of the Q2 2021 deadline. 

4. Assess a batch of submitted applications for subsequent application deadlines. There will be 2 submission deadlines per year, currently scheduled for Q2 and Q4 of a calendar year. 

5. The estimated time commitment for the first year of the scheme will be 4-5 days, dropping to 2-3 days per annum in subsequent years. 

6. Assessors will initially be appointed for 3 years, but this can be extended or shortened, if required.




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