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Each December registrants on the IPEM CPD Scheme will be contacted by email with a request to submit an online annual declaration confirming they have undertaken CPD in that year.  All registrants should complete the declaration by 31 January which asks a brief number of questions and allows for registrants to respond accordingly if they have been unable to undertake CPD due to issues such as ill health, parental leave or a career break.  For more information regarding the declaration please visit our Annual Declaration page.


Following the declaration deadline, as part of the IPEM CPD Scheme, IPEM carry out an audit.  This means we will ask a number of CPD Scheme registrants to submit a summary record of their CPD activities using the mycareerpath® online professional development system.  The CPD Audit Panel assess the submissions against the CPD standards and provide feedback to registrants about how these have (or have not) been met.  Any registrant who has not met the standards will be offered assistance to make any necessary amendments.  Audits are undertaken both to enable advice and guidance to be given to individual registrants and to enable evidence of good practice to be shared throughout the profession.


mycareerpath® will be used for the IPEM and RCT annual audit in 2019.  If you are selected for audit in March 2019, we will ask you to upload your CPD summary to mycareerpath®.  Paper submissions will no longer be accepted via email or post.


Even members who don’t use mycareerpath® for planning and recording CPD can upload an external CPD record into the system and submit it.  It’s quicker and easier than attaching the record to an email.


Members will be able to use mycareerpath® to record CPD activity in 2019 and seamlessly upload these records if they are selected for audit in 2020.


The number of registrants audited is currently set at 5% of IPEM CPD Scheme registrants.  It is a requirement of the Science Council that a minimum of 2.5% of Science Council registrants are audited annually (this is 2.5% across all their registers not 2.5% per register).  IPEM also audits a minimum of 2.5% of Engineering Council registrants annually.  In addition, 2.5% of Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT) registrants are audited using the same process.


There are consequences to not meeting the CPD audit standards either by not responding to a request to submit a CPD summary or by not providing enough information to pass the audit:       

  • In respect of Science Council registrants, the consequence is that registrants will be removed from the Science Council register and shall lose the right to use the designatory letters of their register.  Removed registrants must wait for a period of 18 months before they can reapply and   must demonstrate their CPD activity for the 18 months leading up to their re-application.
  • In respect of Register of Clinical Technologists registrants, the consequence is that registrants will receive a suspension of registration due to CPD failure and their registration status on the online register will be updated to reflect this.  This status will remain against the registrant’s name for 12 months after which time the registration status will be changed to ‘deregistered’ until a full re-application is approved.  The registrant will be required to participate in the next CPD audit cycle without failure.

Please contact if you have any queries regarding your CPD submission. 


Audit result reports from the last three years are available below.

2015 Report                 2016 Report                2017 Report

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