SCOPE is the Institute's quarterly members' magazine, published in spring, summer, autumn and winter. SCOPE is your magazine and to ensure it is filled with interesting, informative and valuable material, it relies on submissions by members and non-members. Articles are welcome from all levels including trainees, junior, middle and senior staff. 

If you are interested in writing for SCOPE or have any enquiries contact the Editor Rob Dabrowski, or Usman Lula, the Chair of the SCOPE Editorial Advisory Board, or any of the Commissioning Editors. They will answer any queries you may have. Don’t forget that your submission will count towards CPD.

If you are interested in advertising in SCOPE please see the 2020 Rate Card and contact James Rundle at Redactive.


Highlights of March issue 


Author  Title 
Patricia Brooks Young, Dr John Amoore A guide to improving the value of technology-enabled care, the keystone model
Mrs Kirsten Hodgson Public and patient involvement and engagement (PPIE) in research
Joseph Purden, Tristan Jackson, Ryan Lewis Translational research: accessibility of radiotherapy services in south-west Wales
Francis Duck Charles ES Phillips and the WWI X-ray committee
Ryan Young, Danielle Watson Radiotherapy engineering workforce planning: an age-old problem

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