SCOPE is the Institute's quarterly Magazine for members, published in March, June, September and December, is edited by Usman Lula and his editorial team.  Enquiries about journal content and articles for publication should be sent to the Editor Usman Lula.

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SCOPE is your magazine and to ensure it is filled with interesting, informative and valuable material, it relies on submissions by members. The member survey undertaken last year highlighted a need for greater coverage of various IPEM areas in Scope. In response to this, each edition will now have a theme and there is now a schedule for the year ahead.

The themes through to next year are:

• December 2018 issue: International / Developing Countries (submission deadline: 24 August)

• March 2019 issue: Medical Physics, covering diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and optics (submission deadline: 23 November)

• June 2019 issue: Applied Academia & Clinical Computing (submission deadline: 22 February, 2019)

Member articles are welcome from all levels including trainees, junior, middle and senior staff. If you are interested in writing for Scope contact Editor-in-Chief Usman Lula. He will send you a pre-defined template and answer any queries you may have. Don’t forget that your submission will count towards CPD. 

Highlights of March issue 

Author  Title 
Professor Stephen O'Connor, Dr Robert Farley  A Trusted Approach to Membership
Joe Whitburn, Ian Boddy, Andrew Simpson, Joshua Kirby, Robert Farley, Luke Bird Winds of change in software regulations
Dr Paul S.Ganney The new science
Dr Martin Graves On achieving the gold standard
Eva Mcclean Healthcare science week 2019

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