IPEM Topical Report Series

In parallel with textbook length reports and codes of practice, IPEM has launched a complementary series of short topical reports to be published in its Journal Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB). These aim to address a specific area of current or developing practice, with rapid production times, to benefit the clinical physicist or engineer 'at the coalface'. The first topical report was published in PMB in November 2016 and covers the use of flattening-filter free (FFF) beams in radiotherapy. 

PMB welcomes the opportunity to publish IPEM codes of practice and topical reports, subject to the usual rigorous peer-review process and given the global reach of the journal, the requirement that the international context is addressed. We believe these publications will be of broad benefit to medical physics and bioengineering practitioners who strive to deliver the highest quality healthcare to patients.

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IPEM Topical Report  An evidence and risk assessment based analysis of the efficacy of quality assurance tests on fluoroscopy units—part I; dosimetry and safety 

This work aims to assess the efficacy of x-ray quality assurance tests undertaken on fluoroscopy units in the UK. Information was gathered on the results of dosimetry and safety tests recommended by the reports of IPEM, and those additionally undertaken by medical physics departments.

Published: October 2019

IPEM Topical Report  A 2018 IPEM survey of MRI use for external beam radiotherapy treatment planning in the UK 

With a view to developing consensus guidelines for the use of MRI in external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) treatment planning in the UK, a survey was undertaken by an IPEM working-party to assess the current landscape of MRI use in EBRT in the UK.

Published: September 2019

IPEM Topical Report  Personal dose monitoring requirement in healthcare

There are two major challenges for personal dosimetry in healthcare. The implications for interventional clinicians of the reduction in eye dose limit in the European Basic Safety Standards and UK regulations, and the large dose gradients across the hands of nuclear medicine staff who manipulate radionuclides. Guidelines on personal dosimetry have been prepared to address these and other issues.

Published: January 2019

IPEM Topical Report  An evidence and risk assessment based analysis of the efficacy of tube and generator quality assurance tests on general x-ray units

This work aims to assess the efficacy of current x-ray quality assurance (QA) testing regimes on tube and generator systems for general radiographic usage in the UK.

Published: December 2018

IPEM Topical Report  The first UK Survey of dose indices from radiotherapy treatment planning computed tomography scans for adult patients

This IPEM topical report presents the results of the first UK wide survey of dose indices in radiotherapy CT planning scans.

Published: September 2018

IPEM Topical Report Guidance on implementing flattening filter free (FFF) radiotherapy

Flattening filter free (FFF) beams are now commonly available with new standard linear accelerators. The purpose of this report is to provide practical implementation advice and references for centres implementing FFF beams clinically. In particular UK-specific guidance is given for reference dosimetry and radiation protection.

Published: November 2016

Editorial  IPEM codes of practice and topical report series

Introduction to the series and historical context.

Published: November 2016


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