IPEM's Masters Level Accreditation Framework (MLAF)

Accreditation of Masters Level programmes in Clinical Engineering or Medical Physics using IPEM's Masters Level Accreditation Framework involves independent scrutiny by IPEM using appointed assessors at periodic review periods with IPEM accreditation normally awarded over several subsequent years.  Awards are subject to the HEI undertaking specified framework activities, such as an annual audit return, and implementing any changes requested by a panel during this period. 

There is a fee for this process which should be paid to the IPEM office in advance of the accreditation visit.  The standard fee is £511 for UK universities and £1021 for non-UK universities.  In addition reasonable travel/accommodation expenses of the assessors, normally two, must be met and paid directly by the host university.


Accreditation panels expect to liaise directly with programme directors.  Comments received from students will be accepted only as part of the regular, periodic review of a course or programme.

For more information about the MLAF process please refer to the following documentation:
MLAF Handbook
MLAF Guidance Notes
MLAF Application Form

For additional enquiries, please contact membership@ipem.ac.uk

The table below shows IPEM accredited courses in Clinical Engineering (E) or Medical Physics (P).



Accredited until the end of the academic year

Keele University
MSc Biomedical Engineering (E) 2022/2023
Kings College London MSc Clinical Sciences (Clinical Engineering) (E) 2022/2023
Kings College London MSc Clinical Sciences (Medical Physics) (P) 2022/2023
Kings College London MSc Medical Engineering and Physics (E) & (P) 2022/2023
Swansea University MSc Medical Radiation Physics (P) 2022/2023
University College London MSc Physics and Engineering in Medicine (Accredited Radiation Physics Route) (P) 2022/2023
University of Aberdeen MSc Medical Physics (P) 2023/2024
University of Glasgow MSc Medical Physics (P)  2022/2023
University of Liverpool

MSc Clinical Sciences (Medical Physics) (P)

For further information and enquiries regarding this programme please contact: mscphys1@liverpool.ac.uk

University of Malaya Master of Medical Physics (P) 2019/2020
University of Strathclyde MSc Biomedical Engineering (E) 2022/2023
University of Surrey MSc Medical Physics (P)  2022/2023
University of Surrey MSc Medical Imaging (P) 2018/2019
University of Surrey MSc Biomedical Engineering (E) 2022/2023


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