The Register of Clinical Technologists (the RCT) 

The Voluntary Register of Clinical Technologists (VRCT) was founded in August 2000 with aim of taking forward the case for regulation of the Clinical Technologist profession. The Register was originally managed by a partnership of IPEM, the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Association of Renal Technologists (ART).

The register  become The Register of Clinical Technologists (the RCT) in 2014.

Clinical Technologists, who are also known by a variety of other job titles, work mainly in medical physics and clinical engineering applied to health care,within the NHS or other healthcare establishments, universities or the medical device industry. The RCT now has approximately 3,000 Registrants (September 2014).

Government policy on the regulation of health professions is now that ‘assured voluntary registers’ will be put in place for professions not currently registered. No further professions will be registered without a compelling case on the basis of public safety risk, where an assured voluntary register was not enough to manage the risk. The RCT continues to press for statutory regulation for Clinical Technologists.

From September 2013, the RCT has been fully integrated into IPEM's work, with the ART continuing to contribute to the strategic management of the Register, via a Memorandum of Agreement with IPEM. We are pleased to announce that IHEEM (Institute of Healthcare Engineering & Estate Management) joined the management panel in May 2014. This brings the number of partner bodies back to three after IET decided that technologist registration was not part of their remit and are no longer involved. Although the major part of IHEEM’s interests is in Estates Management, their membership does include a large number of technologists, particularly in the area of Clinical Engineering.

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