Technologists Network - TechNet

    TechNet is the open network for those employed in technical roles related to healthcare applications. Its primary functions are:

    • to enable communication between network members
    • to enable two-way communication between the network and IPEM committees

    Whatever your job title or sector, if you hold a technical position and apply the principles of physics or engineering to healthcare then TechNet is for you. You might be employed as a technologist, practitioner or engineer in the NHS or private healthcare; a technician in the armed forces or academia; or as technical support within industry. You may have a patient contact role; may manage, maintain, manufacture or install clinical equipment; you might aid clinical staff by providing safety support services or you may manage a service and its staff. The options are seemingly endless and no doubt the list could be expanded.

    TechNet gives you the opportunity to have a voice that is heard by both IPEM and your colleagues. It will be a forum for you to raise questions, to exchange information and create the links that aren’t easy to form when it isn’t always obvious who to speak to or if financial constraints reduce the chances of going to meetings

    Joining TechNet is simple and open to all (including non-IPEM members):

    1. Log in or register if you are a new user 
        (if you are a new user click the "Log In" button at the top and then click "Register" on the next page)
    2. Go to the My IPEM
    3. Click on My Preferences
    4. Click on My Interests page 
    5. Select ‘Join the Technology Network (TechNet)’
    6. Wait until you receive an email with the subject line:  'IPEM User Account Update'
        This confirms that you have been given the security role you need to access the TechNet 
        NB: It can take up to 10 minutes for this email to arrive


    Once you have registered your interest and want to enter the Network Page please click here

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