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Planning and Recording CPD
n order to assist you with the planning and recording of your CPD we have made some suggestions below and provided a number of document templates for your use.

An essential element of CPD is appraisal and the development of an action plan.  Many employers will provide their own forms to record these elements.  If not, registrants can use IPEM’s ‘CPD Action Plan’ for this purpose.  Where an employer does provide relevant forms, it is recommended that the registrant files a copy of their completed forms within their CPD portfolio.

It is essential for registrants to record what they and their employer and/or service user have gained from CPD activities.  It may be the acquisition of new skills or knowledge or it may be the maintenance of competency in a particular element of their professional role.  A registrant should demonstrate, by reflection, what has been learned, rather than by describing the activity itself.  In reflecting, one approach would be to justify having taken the time and resources to participate in that learning activity and to explain how it has helped further meet the registrant's job description, helped to implement a new or updated technique and/or helped to do a task more efficiently or in a more up to date way, etc. In reflecting on how the activity benefits the employer and/or service user, the registrant should consider how it improves efficiency in the workplace, how it provides greater knowledge to improve working practice in the immediate or wider working area and/or how it meets a strategic objective, etc.  IPEM has developed a ‘Detailed Record of CPD Activity’ which could be used to support this.

For those who are selected for  IPEM's CPD  Scheme audit, IPEM will require registrants to complete and submit the ‘Summary of CPD Activity’.   This is provided to enable registrants to maintain a summary record of their CPD during a particular period and registrants may wish to tailor this form to suit their particular needs, for example, different sets of forms may be used to record different types of learning activities undertaken by the registrant.  The form should be submitted electronically in .doc or .pdf format - not handwritten or photographed.


IPEM Audit Documentation
n order to assist you with completing your 'Summary of CPD Activity' form if you are selected for the IPEM CPD Scheme audit please see the example submissions below with comments and feedback from the IPEM CPD Audit Sub-Panel.


Head of Treatment Planning - Excellent example of reflection.

RSciTech Rehabilitation Engineering - Good reflection on benefits to own practice and service user.

RSci Nuclear Medicine - Good range of dates and activity types.  Good reflection on benefits to service user but could be more consistent at recording personal learning outcome, rather than description of activity itself.

CSci Newly Qualified Clinical Scientist - Very comprehensive record and mix of activities.  Could add more detail of how CPD has changed own practice and benefited service user.

CSci Radiation Protection - Good range of dates and clearly presented range of activities.  Could give concrete examples of benefits to own practice and service users.

RCT Clinical Technologist - Very comprehensive record of activities but could add more self-directed learning.  Clear explanation of benefits to service users for most entries.  Concrete examples of benefits to own practice could be included. 

Associate Member in Medical Engineering - Record shows five month gap but overall is acceptable. Good range of activities and reflective practice in both sections.  Mandatory training should only be submitted once.

CSci RPA - Good range of dates and activity types, clearly presented. Reflection on personal knowledge gained is very evident and benefit to service user is well presented.

Further Information

For suggestions of activities and examples that you are likely carrying out at work and that will count as CPD, please click here.


There are various presentations and worksheets available to members on reflective practice, mentoring, professionalism and code of conduct.  Please log into the Members' Area and click on Training Resources to view these.  If you would like to have access to these resources please join IPEM.


Please email us at if you need any specific advice about CPD. 

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