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As part of the IPEM CPD Scheme, IPEM will audit the ‘Summary of CPD Activity’ returns of a percentage of IPEM CPD scheme registrants each year.  This is currently fixed at 5% of IPEM CPD Scheme registrants, 5% of Science Council registrants who are IPEM members and 5% of Engineering Council registrants who are IPEM members.  In addition, 2.5% of registrants on the Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT) are also audited as part of this process.  Audits are undertaken both to enable advice and guidance to be given to individual registrants and to enable evidence of good practice to be shared throughout the profession.

There are consequences to not responding to a request for a CPD summary.  You may be removed from the IPEM CPD Scheme and have your registration status with the Science Council or the Register of Clinical Technologists removed if this is something you currently hold.  Please contact if you have any queries regarding your CPD submission. 

For the audit which took place in 2016, in respect of CPD undertaken in 2015, the IPEM CPD Audit Sub Panel assessed the 'Summary of CPD Activity' submissions of 157 registrants over a two day period in May.

See below for the timeframe of the 2017 IPEM CPD Scheme audit.

Audit result reports from the last five years are available below.

2011 Report                      2012 Report                      2013 Report                      2014 Report                     2015 Report

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