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Examples of CPD Audit forms with feedback

Head of Treatment Planning - Excellent example of reflection

RSciTech Rehabilitation Engineering - Good reflection on benefits to own practice and service user.

RSci Nuclear Medicine - Good range of dates and activity types.  Good reflection on benefits to service user but could be more consistent at recording personal learning outcome, rather than description of activity itself.

CSci Newly Qualified Clinical Scientist - Very comprehensive record and mix of activities.  Could add more detail of how CPD has changed own practice and benefited service user.

CSci Radiation Protection - ood range of dates and clearly presented range of activities.  Could give concrete examples of benefits to own practice and service users.

RCT Clinical Technologist - Very comprehensive record of activities but could add more self-directed learning.  Clear explanation of benefits to service users for most entries.  Concrete examples of benefits to own practice could be included. 

Associate Member in Medical Engineering -  Record shows five month gap, but overall acceptable. Good range of activities and reflective practice in both sections.  Mandatory training should only be submitted once.

CSci RPA - Good range of dates and activity types, clearly presented. Reflection on personal knowledge gained is very evident and benefit to service user is well presented.

Audits are undertaken both to enable advice and guidance to be given to individual registrants and enable evidence of good practice to be shared throughout the profession.  

Audit Process

IPEM will audit a 5% sample of CPD Registrants each year.  

End of March 

For those selected for audit, submission of CPD summary on the appropriate form is requested.

If you are selected it may help to view examples of good CPD - see above.

End of April 

If CPD summary is not received from those selected for audit, a reminder letter is sent.


The Audit Panel meets to check the CPD returns.


The Audit Panel sends feedback to Auditees.

More details of the audit process can be found in annex 2 of the CPD guidance notes

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