IPEM and Academic Matters 

IPEM has a diverse membership of professionals working in industry, healthcare and academia.  This diversity as well as the multidisciplinary nature of our members’ work is  unique. 

The next President of IPEM will be an academic member, Professor Peter Hoskins, and he has outlined his aims and academic focus in a recent interview As previous Vice President Academic he has chaired the Academic Advisory Group which has been instrumental in setting up two Special Interest Groups organising conferences and events for academics (see below).

If you are interested in joining IPEM as a free student member or as an academic member or Fellow you might be interested in reading our our academic membership leaflet.



Latest Funding Opportunities

NIHR Health Technology Cooperative for Brain Injury:  ‘Seed Funding Competition 2016/17’ (up to 10K) for technology solutions in the Brain Injury Pathway. For further information see https://brainhtc.org/competition

IPEM and the Wakeham Review of STEM Degree Provision and Graduate Employability

The final report has now been published and we received a letter thanking us for our contribution.  We will of course assist further with this work and address the recommendations in the report.


Closer involvement with the academic community is an important part of IPEM's strategy:


We have integrated with the Bioengineering Society (BES) and offer all BES members free IPEM membership for a year

We developed a new IPEM accreditation framework for Masters degree courses

For students we have introduced free membership and prizes for best dissertations on accredited courses.

We offer prizes, awards and bursaries including a specific research and innovation award

We submitted evidence to the Wakeham Review of STEM Degree Provision and Graduate Employability
Book on "Academic Issues in Medical Physics, Medical Engineering and Bioengineering" in development


The Academic Advisory Group

The Academic Advisory Group (AAG) represents the interests of members engaged in academic activities such as research or university teaching.  The AAG aims to improve IPEM member links with enabling organisations such as research councils, higher education institutes and charitable funding bodies.

It publishes a regular “Academic News Bulletin” which is distributed three times a year to around 400 academically-minded engineers and physicists working across university, industry and healthcare sectors.  This is open to members and non members alike so if you would like to sign up please contact Dr Jamie Harle at UCL You can unsubscribe at any time.


Spring 2015

Summer 2015

Winter 2015

Summer 2016

Should you wish to contact the group, please contact the chairman Professor Panicos Kyriacou, who is also IPEM's current Vice President Academic.


Special Interest Groups

IPEM also has two specific Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which coordinate the organisation of conferences and workshops especially of interest to the academic sector: The general Academic SIG and a more targeted Bioengineering SIG. Both are developing ideas for meetings that are suggested directly from the UK MP&BE academic community.

If you would like assistance with the organisation of a suitable meeting of interest to academics please contact the Chairs Professor Mike Partridge (Academic SIG) or Professor Richard Black (Bioengineering).


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