Revised Code of Conduct

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) has recently been expanded with five new IPEM members joining to replace those whose terms of office had come to an end, and two new lay members appointed in April. You can see all the members of the PCC on the committee’s page on the website. The PCC also has a new Chair, lay member John Unsworth, who was appointed to the position by the Trustee Board in January 2017.

The PCC has recently reviewed the IPEM members’ Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct and the Disciplinary Procedure, and updated both documents. The changes to the Code reflected advice from the Engineering and Science Councils, and a request from the Professional Development Panel of IPEM, as well as the need to reflect more strongly IPEM’s Equality Policy. The changes to the Disciplinary Procedure were to take account of the need to adapt proceedings for members whose alleged misconduct might be due to ill health.

The proposed changes were approved by the Trustee Board at its April 2017 meeting, and the revised documents are now available to members to view on the website. All members should make themselves familiar with the professional conduct requirements, as they are required to abide by the Code as a condition of membership. 

Posted: Apr 26, 2017,
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Author: Sean Edmunds


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