IPEM supports Clinical Imaging Board statement on MRI for patients with pacemakers

A LETTER in support of patients who are fitted with cardiac devices having the same access to MRI scanning in the NHS as everyone else has been welcomed by IPEM.

The British Cardiovascular Society and the Clinical Imaging Board, which is made of IPEM, the Society and College of Radiographers, and the Royal College of Radiologists, wrote the letter.

It says that recent developments mean that it is now industry standard for implantable cardiac devices to be ‘MRI conditional’, meaning more than 95 per cent of devices currently implanted are safe to scan under certain conditions. Alongside this,  a large body of evidence has found that legacy ‘non-MRI conditional’ devices can be scanned safely if pre-defined protocols are followed.

IPEM’s Magnetic Resonance Special Interest Group has produced some commentary to accompany the letter. 

Posted: Sep 12, 2018,
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Author: Sean Edmunds


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