Volunteer to help revise the photon dosimetry code of practice

THE 1990 MV code of practice for megavoltage photon dosimetry is notable both for being the first code of practice to allow traceability for absorbed dose to water and for its simplicity. This simplicity undoubtedly helped its implementation across the UK and combined with a single recommended secondary standard chamber type and extensive audit program has succeeded in giving the UK a robust and arguably the most consistent dissemination of reference dosimetry on a national basis in the world.

As the code approaches its 30th year, there have been multiple and varied improvements and innovations in the manner in which dose is delivered using external beam radiotherapy with the introduction of complex techniques and less conventional delivery machines. The approach adopted to overcome this has been for IPEM to initiate a working party to write a specific code for alternative techniques such as Tomotherapy and Flattening Filter Free beams. This has been a very successful approach but has highlighted that it would be helpful to update the terminology and nomenclature in the 1990 code and bring it into line with recommendations and terminology such as those set out in IAEA TRS-483.

Two/three IPEM members are therefore being sought to join a working party of the National Physical Laboratory and clinical experts in reference dosimetry, with a view to updating the 1990 code. Candidate should have significant experience in dosimetry, and the group will seek to represent the diversity of clinical users, for example, with regard to types of treatment machine. If you are interested, please send a short paragraph describing what you could contribute to the working party to davideaton@nhs.net by Monday 16 April.

Posted: Mar 22, 2018,
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Author: Sean Edmunds


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