Ionising radiation regulations update

IPEM has been closely involved with regulatory consultation and feedback processes during the period leading up to the implementation of the revision of Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 and the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2018.

The Institute led on producing a collaborative response to the IRR 2017 national consultation representing medical sector views, together with the Royal College of Radiologists, the British Institute of Radiology and the Society of Radiographers. IPEM also submitted its own response to the IRMER 2018 national consultation. Several of IPEM’s Special Interest Groups specialising in ionising radiation, together with other Institute members, were closely involved in producing the responses.

Expert representatives from IPEM also went to two meetings hosted by the Department of Health following on from the consultation on IRMER 2018.

Earlier in the year IPEM hosted a meeting with lead inspectors and policy managers from the Health and Safety Executive. Radiation Protection Advisers and experts from across ionising radiation medical physics presented medical sector views on IRR 2017 and the associated Approved Code of Practice (ACoP). A letter from the then IPEM President, Professor David Brettle, was sent to the HSE Chief Executive emphasising a number of important points for consideration, including the financial and operational implications for the medical sector of including a broadly applicable instantaneous dose-rate constraint of 7.5µSv/hr in the ACoP.

IPEM has sent a joint proposal, together with the Association of University Radiation Protection Officers and the Society for Radiological Protection, for certification of Medical Physics Experts (MPE) and Radiation Protection Experts (RPE – including Radiation Protection Advisers and Radioactive Waste Advisers) to the radiation regulators. The document covers proposals on the format of the registering and assessing bodies, the processes for initial and continuing recognition as an MPE or RPE and the principles of common competence across MPE and RPE recognition schemes.

Mark Knight, Director of the Institute’s Science, Research and Innovation Council, said: ‘I want to thank all of the Institute’s members who have contributed a significant amount of their own time to be involved with all of these very important activities.’

Posted: Nov 20, 2017,
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