Making the leap: becoming a medical engineering entrepreneur (2 hour session) Wednesday 13th September 15.50 

Ever thought you have an inner entrepreneur? Want to spin out a company but don’t know how to get your foot on the ladder? Come and hear from those who have already begun their journey and those who have done it time and time again. In an informal environment, this session is an opportunity to hear tips and advice on writing business cases, how to protect IP and finding the right funding and support. This session is supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Enterprise Hub which harnesses the expertise, insight and networks of Academy Fellows, who include some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, to support the country’s most promising engineering entrepreneurs.

Influencing decision makers: a researcher’s guide (1 hr/1 hr 15 min session) Wednesday 13th September 14.00 

Have you considered how public policy is made and how it is relevant to your day-to-day work? If so, this session is an introduction to the policy and decision-making landscape. Hear policy professionals from across research and government describe the mechanisms and key players in the field. You will learn about the role of research in influencing decision makers, and how research can have an impact on national policy, and health policy in particular. By the end of this session, you will have gained an insight into where you can find out more and get further involved in the policy sphere.


The Royal Society would like to invite you to a short workshop for researchers that will take place from 15.30 on Thursday 14th September. 

This is titled Research culture: visions of 2035 and aims to explore what your ‘idealised’ research culture looks like, how it supports a vibrant and diverse workforce and how it supports excellence in research. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the science policy work done by the Royal Society and is one of a series of workshops taking place across the UK in 2017. The outputs will be used to develop a vision of what future research culture could look like in, and we would be grateful for your time and for the perspective your particular experience would offer. During the workshop we will use various futures techniques to explore what an ideal research culture would look like. Futures analysis is a set of tools that have been developed and used for over 70 years to structure thinking about uncertainty, complexity and the longer term. In the workshop, they will be used to enable alternative or challenging perspectives to be explored, and help encourage creative thinking around problems and solutions. 

Join us at 11.00 on Wednesday 13th September to find out more about what EFOMP is currently doing:

European Examination Board - report on the first initiative: John Damilakis
EBAMP (European Board of accreditation for Medical Physics) - report on the first year of activity : Pedro Galan Montenegro
Education and Training initiatives - Eutempe-RX, ESMPE: Marco Brambilla
Scientific workgroups - Mammo dosimetry, Cone Beam CT protocol, etc: Mika Kortesniemi
Communication activities - New website and social media: Efi Koutsouveli
Projects activities: Virginia Tsapaki




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