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Oncology Systems Limited

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Since 1999, OSL has continuously grown to become a trusted independent provider of medical equipment and software to the NHS and private hospitals in the UK, Ireland and worldwide. Our team comprises of clinically and scientifically qualified radiation therapists, medical physicists, and imaging scientists, giving us the expertise to manufacture and distribute state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment. Our equipment includes innovative patient positioning solutions, advanced secondary check software for SABR implementation, hardware, and software to enable the MR planning pathway in radiotherapy, as well as a wide range of products to automate and streamline radiotherapy treatment and quality assurance. Our products are cutting edge and innovative, and our support is delivered by experts, ultimately enabling clinicians to provide the highest quality therapies for the treatment of cancer.

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ProSoma® Core

Using an established Monte Carlo model means you will have the most accurate method of dose calculation for your secondary check system. With minimal beam commissioning, beam models provided and an optional beam commissioning service from OSL, you can be up and running in a few days from installation.  As well as being an automated secondary check system, Prosoma Core offers the additional functionality of per fraction log file analysis and daily dose re-calculation on CBCT scans.  The combination of dose calculation engine and vSim also gives users the capability of completing the whole conformal workflow in ProSoma.

Radformation ClearCheck

ClearCheck is a one click plan evaluation software for the Eclipse Treatment Planning System.  Based on user-defined templates dose constraints, margin checks, plan checks, structure checks and collisions checks can be automatically completed and documented in Aria. This ensures the highest quality treatment plans and helps clinics save time with in-depth plan checks, quick plan comparison, and instant documentation.


Allows you to streamline your planning workflow by enabling MR only planning for pelvis, brain and head and neck treatment sites.  The software uses AI to create a synthetic CT image, including OAR contours, from a T2w MRI dataset.  With 1 click, data is sent from the scanner through MRI Planner and the finished product arrives in the treatment planning system ready for planning.


SMARTSCAN is the new, premium water phantom solution from IBA Dosimetry. It represents a real evolution in beam scanning and produces the most efficient and most precise beam commissioning and annual QA.  SMARTSCAN guides your complete workflow to expedite all steps and to avoid errors.  It continuously monitors your measurements to ensure the highest data quality.


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The use of ionizing radiation for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes is an integral part of today’s medicine. Since the discovery of X-rays 
by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895, scientific and technological progress has led to better diagnostic testing and safer radiotherapy treatments.

As a pioneer in medical radiation measurement, PTW has always been – and will continue to be – at the forefront of advancing patient safety 
through innovation and cutting-edge measurement technology.PTW is a global market leader for dosimetry solutions focusing on four markets – radiation therapy, 
diagnostic radiology, metrology and radiation monitoring. For almost a century, our innovations and technologies have contributed significantly to advance patient 
safety in modern radiation medicine. The precision of our measurement technology is legendary and has built PTW’s reputation as a quality and technology leader 
in medical radiation measurement.

Varian is dedicated to connecting all care to realize a world without fear of cancer. And we’ll achieve that goal through Intelligent Cancer Care. We’re resolutely facing today’s unique challenges by connecting us all through more personalized treatment, more data-driven decision-making, more direct access to care, and a new, more unifying, smarter standard of oncology www.varian.com

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