Emerging Technologies and Novel Design in Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies - Webinar

30 March 2020


Organised by IPEM's Rehabilitation Special Interest Group 

Professionals within the field of rehabilitation engineering are required to design and manufacture bespoke medical devices in order to suit specific user needs. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to be aware of the latest technologies available in order to innovate and develop methods of achieving this goal. Additionally, knowledge of design methodologies such as user centred design and co-production can improve efficiency by ensuring that bespoke items meet the client’s needs in terms of clinical, functional and personal specification. 

The aim of this one-day symposium is to highlight emerging and technologies and design methodologies that can be utilised within the realm of design and manufacture of bespoke equipment: Relevant considerations are:

1.         Information sharing from individuals with novel design approaches

2.         Professional sharing of experiences with new/ merging manufacturing methodologies.

3.         Health institution exemption of design and manufacture under the MDR 2017

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