Personal Dosimetry 2020

6 February 2020


Organised by IPEM's Radiation Protection Special Interest Group

It has been a period of great change in the world of radiation protection, with new regulations such as the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 coming into force. The reduction of the eye dose limit and greater emphasis on cooperation between employers required many of us to review the personal monitoring arrangements in our areas. 

The Guidance on the Personal Monitoring Requirements for Personnel Working in Healthcare by Colin Martin et al was published in late 2018 and gave specific recommendations for different staff groups across all modalities. This meeting will be an opportunity to hear talks from invited speakers specialising in nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy as well as to share research and examples of good practice. 

Target audience
Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs), Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs), Medical Physicists in any specialism (including trainees) with an interest in radiation protection

Educational Aims 
To improve understanding of regulatory requirements relating to personal monitoring and how to implement these practically
To provide an opportunity for dissemination of research on this topic and discussion of best practice and issues experienced locally.

Learning Outcomes
A better understanding of the regulations and guidance relating to personal monitoring.

2.  A clearer idea of how to implement these locally.

Conference Resources
The Provisional Programme is available here. 
Abstracts are available here
Alternatively, click on the image below. 

Invited Speakers
Invited speaker profiles are available here. 


This conference will take place in the Pendulum Hotel, Manchester.
Sackville St, Manchester M1 3BB 

More information available here. 

If you have any queries, please 
email the IPEM conference team or tel: 01904 610821.

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