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    What do our members do? 

    From treating cancer patients to cutting edge research on the effects of mobile phone use, Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering applied to medicine covers a whole range of subjects which require specialist knowledge and training. 

    There are three main job areas within the profession and these can be in academia, industry and hospital healthcare:

    Clinical Engineering
    Clinical Technology
    Medical Physics

    People specialise in different fields of work and research.  Some are leading edge research, some very technically, some are more patient focused and all of them aim at making a positive difference to patients' diagnosis and treatment.

    Click on the areas below to find out more ...

    Clinical Computing 

    Physiological Measurement 

    Clinical Engineering

    Radiation Protection

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging


    Diagnostic Radiology

    Rehabilitation Engineering & Biomechanics

    Nuclear Medicine

    Ultrasound and non-ionising Radiation

    If you have any specific questions about one of the subjects please contact us at the IPEM National Office and we will put you in touch with one of our members.

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