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    The Part II Training Scheme to ACS (Association of Clinical Scientists) assessment via Route 1 and Route 2

    Route 1 is followed by those who have completed the IPEM Part I Training Scheme. The IPEM Part I Training Scheme is no longer taking new trainees and with the introduction of Modernising Scientific Careers, has been superseded by the Scientist Training Program.

    Route 2 remains open for those who have not followed a formal training programme but through a combination of postgraduate learning and work, have built up a portfolio of experience that enables them to demonstrate all competencies as defined by the Association of Clinical Scientists (ACS). It is unlikely that this can be achieved in less than 4 years of postgraduate experience but there will be wide variation in individual circumstances. It is essential that supervised clinical science practice is included. This route requires possession of a first or second class Honours degree in a science subject appropriate to a clinical science modality awarded by a Higher Educational Institution in the United Kingdom, or other equivalent approved qualification. The total experience is demonstrated by interview and assessment of a portfolio of evidence of training and experience to confirm attainment of the approved Competences. A successful interview and assessment results in the award of the ACS Certificate of Attainment, which the candidate can then present to HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) in order to gain registration.


    IPEM is committed to supporting Route 1 and Route 2 trainees to ACS assessment by offering the Part II Training Scheme. 


    See the ACS statement regarding the change to the six year route

    See our Position Statement on Routes to Scientist Registration.

    If you are working in a relevant post and would like to apply to join the Part II training scheme to achieve the ACS certificate of attainment, please complete this form to enrol.   We will find an External Advisor to help mentor you through your training.  You can decide how much of their help you would like.

    Your application should include a CV, job description and a training plan showing how you will achieve the ACS (Association of Clinical Scientists) competences.  The ACS website has a very useful page of frequently asked questions    

    There is no charge for enrolment on Part II training but trainees must be Associate members of IPEM.

    If you have any queries or experience any problems downloading the documents please contact

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