Training Centre Accreditation 

    The IPEM Clinical Technologist Course Accreditation Sub-Panel accredits centres who wish to enter candidates on the IPEM Clinical Technologists Training Scheme specialising in Physics and Engineering in Health Care. The training scheme is aimed at enabling Clinical Technologists to achieve RCT registration. 

    There are 3 basic routes of entry onto the training scheme to achieve the Diploma in Clinical Technology:

    1. Vocational degree route 
    2. Educational only route
    3. Relevant Training and Experience (formerly known as POST)

     To gain accreditation for the IPEM Diploma in Clinical Technology, training centres or consortia must be

    • able to offer comprehensive training in each subject area applied for. 
    • a training supervisor, in each subject area, who is either a Full Member of the Institute (MIPEM) or of equivalent status. 
    • at least two other clinical technologists, scientists or engineers working in the subject area.

    Training centres must demonstrate that there is good management for training, there is commitment to training and an environment in which educational, skill and personal development can take place.

    In addition, training may be undertaken for those who are either following a restricted role within a discipline or those wishing to extend their practice. Those completing this training will be awarded a Certificate in Clinical Technology.  

     Training Centre Accreditation Application Form 

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    Training Scheme Handbook 


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