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    External Moderators

    Every trainee on the Clinical Technologist Training Scheme is allocated two moderators.  The External Moderator carries out visits at the trainee's workplace to assess practical skills and offer advice on production of the training portfolio.  This relationship is very important as it allows the trainee to discuss practical skills and issues with a professional from another department.  It means that good practice can be shared across the scheme. The Moderators also benefit from building relationships with colleagues from different locations, again sharing ideas and good practice.

    We are always looking for new External Moderators who are willing to share the skills and experience with younger colleagues.  This vital role in the training scheme brings many rewards.  Please check out the Case Study below.

       Paul Blackett - Case Study - External Moderator

       "Being a moderator is a privilege, I get to meet the future technologists of our profession .."

    This is a great opportunity to shape the future of Clinical Technologists.  It's also very valuable CPD experience and marks you out as a proactive professional in your field.

    Contact Information

    Moderators need to be Full Members of IPEM.  If you are interested in finding out more please contact the IPEM office

    Apply for a Post

    If you'd like to go ahead and join the team of Moderators click here for an application form. Please complete this and send to the IPEM office with a brief CV.  We will contact you as soon as possible with a decision.

    Further Details

    The second Moderator (Supporting Moderator) gets involved at the end of the training and carries out the viva with the External Moderator.  They are also a source of help and advice to the External Moderator should it be needed.

    There are Guidance Notes for Moderators in the Training Handbook - see page 31.

    IPEM will pay all reasonable expenses for your travel and accommodation to help you to carry out this role.

    Further guidance and advice is always available from the Chief Moderator - contact through the National Office.

    Training Days are held around the UK every year in order for all of those involved in the training scheme to share good practice and learn more about the scheme. 

    Observation visits alongside experienced Moderators are arranged to get you started.

    All paperwork is provided with support from the IPEM office.

    Why not give it a try!


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