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The Register of Clinical Technologists (the RCT) – formerly the Voluntary Register of Clinical Technologists – was formed in 2000 with the aim of protecting the public by advocating statutory, professional regulation for Clinical Technologists.  However, a new approach to regulation, namely accredited registers, has been established by government in preference to statutory registers and in 2012 the Health and Social Care Act extended the role of the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) to include accrediting registers of people working in health and care occupations not regulated by statute.

The RCT has been accredited by the PSA under its Accredited Registers programme since September 2015.  In order to obtain accreditation an organisation must show they have met the PSA’s specific, demanding standards relating to governance, standards for registrants (including education and training) and management of the register, by way of a rigorous application process.  Organisations are then re-accredited each year provided they can show they are still meeting the PSA standards.


The training scheme providers

On behalf of the RCT, a degree programme in Clinical Technology has been developed by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) and the Association of Renal Technologists (ART) to support the scopes of practice drawn up by the RCT associated with the following (non-statutory) titles:

  • Medical Engineering Technologist 

  • Radiation Engineering Technologist 

  • Rehabilitation Engineering Technologist 

  • Renal Technologist

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist 

  • Radiation Physics Technologist 

  • Radiotherapy Physics Technologist 

This provides the basis of standardised education and training that will ensure that a newly qualified clinical technologist will be able to undertake their scope of practice wherever they have trained within the United Kingdom.  

The educational learning outcomes and the clinical practice placement modules are contained within the Degree Programme for Clinical Technology. Any specific training programme should ensure that the both the educational learning outcomes and the clinical placement practice module content are covered. Additional elements may be added to account for changes in practice, however elements should only be removed or replaced with the prior agreement of the training scheme registrars.

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