Year of Engineering 2018 

The Year of Engineering is a government campaign, which celebrates the world and wonder of engineering. 

Engineering touches every part of our lives. However, not enough young people – especially young girls – think it’s a world for them. As a result, the industry is struggling to recruit future talent. What’s more, young people are missing out on the chance to make a positive difference. 

Medical Engineering Poster

To celebrate the Year of Engineering we have developed and put together a number of free resources to use.  Our poster is free to download and you can print, share and distribute it widely.  We also have some leaflets and posters as well as some ready made tweets you can copy.

  Very high resolution image for printing A2 or A3 posters
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Very high resolution image for printing A2 or A3 posters

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Lower resolution image for emailing or small documents
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Small low res image for adding to social media, email footers, websites
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Other IPEM engineering and career resources

We have a number of leaflets, posters and career films which you can use on open days, careers visits and science fairs.  These are free to order or download.

Careers Leaflet Engineering Careers Video This is Engineering video


Gait Analysis
Poster and Leaflet 
Nuclear Medicine
Poster and Leaflet
Poster and Leaflet 
Poster and Leaflet
Poster and Leaflet 


Social Media

The official hashtags for this campaign are:    and       and the official twitter account (for @mentions)  is: @YoEgovuk

Here are some ready made tweets you could use, together with the image of the poster or the Year of Engineering Logo

Get involved and #inspireanengineer. Download the @ipemnews poster to promote #YoE. 

2018 is the Year of Engineering #YoE! Check out these free healthcare engineering resources to #inspireanengineer.  

If you want to promote the  #YoE and #inspireanengineer why not download this free healthcare engineering poster 



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