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Eastwood Park Training is the leading technical training provider for healthcare engineering, decontamination and estates and facilities management. Within Eastwood Park’s large training portfolio are courses on the maintenance and servicing of all biomedical equipment. Training is delivered by industry specialists and takes place in simulated hospital environments. It includes:

Biomedical equipment maintenance practice
Servicing cardiovascular equipment
Servicing anaesthesia & ventilation equipment
Safety testing of electrical medical equipment

Courses are accredited by respected Awarding Bodies and Eastwood Park works with trusted industry experts and associations in the development of courses. All of Eastwood Park’s medical equipment training work to MRHA guidance, and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC 60601 and IEC 62353).

For those looking to progress to the next level in the biomedical field, Eastwood Park offers a Foundation Degree in Medical Equipment Technologies, leading to a BSc (Hons) Degree awarded by Staffordshire University. Intakes start in either April or October. Click on our logo above to visit our website for more information.

Specialist Imaging Equipment and Medical Device Auctioneers and Resale Agents

Hilditch Group Ltd is the leading medical device reseller via auction in Europe, with 25 years’ experience in the medical industry and ISO:14001, 9001 and OHSAS 18001 qualifications.

Selling over 1500 lots of medical equipment every month on behalf of 95% of NHS Trusts and private hospitals, as well as key industry figures such as lease companies and manufacturers; Hilditch Group are the leading asset managers to the Healthcare sector.   Multiple online sales are held every month and include CT, MRI and X-ray rooms, as well as ultrasound scanners and general imaging equipment.

Hilditch work with vendors from around the world, offering medical engineering services to support the sale of equipment, including the maintenance, removal, storage and re-siting of imaging equipment.


Imaging Equipment Limited (IEL) is proud to be a distributor of international medical equipment for medical physics environments, including radiotherapy physics, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, radiation safety and radiation protection products.  IEL represents 35 manufacturers and specialises in the effective use of radiation in medicine for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, and its successful relationships with manufacturers is based on the sharing of customer feedback and a joint commitment to good customer service. IEL has developed a strong reputation for bringing innovative products to the UK & Ireland and helping customers to make the best use of their equipment.

Imaging Equipment Limited are owned by Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA), a spin out from CERN, which is based within the campus at St Genis Pouilly (France).

Leeds Test Objects Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative medical imaging quality assurance test objects, known as medical imaging phantoms, and analysis software. Our phantoms are used worldwide to ensure the safety and image quality of X-ray, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and radiotherapy imaging systems. 

Oncology Systems Limited (OSL) exclusively specialises in supplying high-end radiotherapy products and solutions for the treatment of cancer.  OSL manufacture, distribute and support an extensive range of medical devices from patient positioning and fixation to state-of-the-art multi-modality imaging software for IMRT, IGRT, SABR and adaptive RT, as well as medical physics QA equipment to help ensure the safe and accurate delivery of radiotherapy treatment.  Key companies and products represented include, ProSoma, IBA Dosimetry, CIVCO, Carl Zeiss INTRABEAM, Anatom-e, SpaceOAR, Dosimetry Check, Mobius, MODUS QUASAR, OnQ and ImSimQA.  OSL is an ISO13485, ISO9001-2008 accredited company.

PTW-UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of PTW-Freiburg, GmbH of Freiburg, Germany. PTW-Freiburg was founded in 1922 and is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of instruments, systems and technological solutions for Radiation Therapy, Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. 

Our customers include clinical scientists, administrators, medical physicists, industrial health physicists as well as commercial imaging manufacturers and providers of maintenance services.


The Medical Room is a specialist Recruitment and Training Company in the field of Healthcare Technology.  We deliver services to all levels of public and private organisations that are involved with developing, manufacturing, supporting, using and managing healthcare technology. 

For the recruitment of Interim or Permanent Healthcare Technology staff you can be assured of working with the only specialist supplier afforded with Framework Agreement status to NHS Trusts throughout the UK, safe in the knowledge that we fully comply with the latest Monitor requirements. In addition we enjoy Preferred Supplier Agreements with many leading Medical Device Manufacturers. 

Recognising the need to address the acute shortage of Medical Engineers in our industry, in partnership with NHS Trusts across the UK we have a suite of Training where we will bring the training to you.  You can now access a fully funded and accredited Apprenticeship Training Scheme for 16-19 year olds, aimed at developing our Medical Engineering community of the future.  Likewise we continue to offer standalone training units from Electrical Safety Testing to IEC 62353, to the principles of the various modalities of medical devices found in the healthcare environment today.

We look forward to your enquiry for more information about our services.






Phoenix Dosimetry Ltd is a specialist Dosimetry company manufacturing and distributing Radiation Monitoring and Radiotherapy peripherals. We are the UK and Irish distributor for Thermo Scientific for the provision of all Harshaw TLD Materials, Readers and Accessories. We also sell the health physics range including the RadEye, Mini Instruments and Gate Monitoring Systems for vehicles. We are based in Sandhurst and have extensive workshop/repair facilities which offer fast repair/calibration services for both Mini Monitors and NE Legacy Products.  In addition we offer a calibration facility for the Thermo EPD-2 Electronic Personal Dosemeters.

At our facility in Sandhurst we manufacture the original NE-2571 / NE-2581 Farmer Chambers together with Phantoms for Radiotherapy Dosimetry.  We also manufacture robust Dosimetry Cables and Patch Panels which are made to customer specifications. These are offered in combination with Bart’s Solid Water / mimicking materials which we sell either as either loose materials or as custom designed Phantoms.

As a company we also represent John Caunt Scientific for the ‘Aegis ED3 Extremity Dosemeter’, this is ideal for monitoring extremity doses in Nuclear Medicine and associated departments.

Phoenix Dosimetry Ltd offer ‘on-site’ demonstrations of equipment or peripherals as required.  We welcome visitors to our facilities in Sandhurst for presentations and demonstrations of equipment/solutions.

Please click on our logo to contact us if you would like any further technical information, prices or to arrange a visit.

X-ray protection garments play a vital role in protecting those who work in hospitals, dental and veterinary surgeries. Belfast-based SFXray are international market-leaders when it comes to safeguarding those who work in these fields.

As manufacturers with a reputation for producing outstanding X-ray protection garments, we are committed to meeting all of our customers’ expectations.

Using only the highest quality of materials, our garments are produced by a dedicated team of manufacturers to whom excellence is everything. As well as meeting the highest safety standards, the PPE garments they produce come in a variety of styles best-suited to the number of applications in which they will be used in the workplace. And in addition to six standard sizes, SFXray produce custom-made garments.

We also supply a wide range of related accessories, including lead-loaded glasses in both plano and prescription form and lead-loaded surgical gloves, meeting the requirements of the Directive 89/686/EEC Article 11B Personal Protective Equipment. Early in 2016 we introduced Edge Bilayer, a new barrier material which once again has raised the bar in X-ray protection garments. Click on our logo above for more information.


Solus Medical was set up in 2010 to meet the needs of hospitals and homecare communities across the UK. We provide clinical and product expertise, backed-up by an efficient administration and service department.

Our core business focuses on sales, distribution and servicing of medical products throughout the acute and primary care sector. We distribute for a range of manufacturers and are continually looking for new and unique products to introduce to the healthcare market. We aim to become a preferred supplier of medical products through the quality of products we sell and our after sales support and training plus our courteous, friendly and above all efficient service from original enquiry through to order processing.

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