Medical Technology of the Future

27 January 2016 10:00


Organised by IPEM's Clinical Engineering, Physiological Measurement and Rehabilitation & Biomechanics Special Interest Groups

This conference will look at three growing areas for Healthcare Scientists:
1. Managing Medical Devices in the home setting
2. Clinical Measurement in the home setting
3. The use of mainstream devices in the clinical environment

The NHS remains under increasing pressure due to the ever increasing imbalance between capacity and demand. Much of this is attributable to the shortage of resources in terms of beds, skilled staff and appropriate medical equipment. It is therefore no surprise that in this time of significant financial challenge for our government, changes are being considered in the way the health service currently operates, one of which includes the provision of more healthcare in the home and local communities. NHS Services are also looking to mainstream electronic devices to provide easy access and cost effective solutions.

This brings its own challenges in terms of:
1. Different technological requirements to ensure physiological data can be securely available to the clinician, wherever they are.
2. Ensuring that the medical device users, who may be the families of the patients, are adequately trained to use the equipment safely and effectively.
3. Issues relating to maintenance of such equipment, ie scheduling, tracking and access.
What actions is the medical device industry taking to fulfil the technological requirements? And what are medical devices managers doing to prepare for this inevitability?

In another attempt to bring down costs, NHS Services are also looking to mainstream electronic devices to provide easy access and cost effective solutions.

A range of commercial products has been launched in recent years which have the potential to be used in clinical practice. However this is a new and emerging area that needs to be fully understood and evaluated prior to being adopted.

This vast range of products includes software apps and hardware devices (ie tablet devices) used to interface with existing CE marked medical products such as assistive technology instruments which are again used in the patient’s home.

There are inherent challenges with these products in terms of the standard of manufacture, quality assurance and fail safe mechanisms. 

The scope of this new wave also includes CE marked Telehealth products which have their own intrinsic challenges relating to proper usage in the home, data accessibility and maintenance.

To provide guidance on this emerging area, the MHRA will present their perspective at the conference and will be available to answer questions.

As Clinical Scientists we should not shy away from these developments and should embrace them and optimise their usage in clinical practice and research. The conference will feature presentations giving examples of uses of commercial products in a clinical setting and will be an opportunity for shared learning.

This innovative conference will be a vehicle for understanding and adopting changes in technology while still ensuring a safe and effective service to the patient.

Learning Outcomes
1. Awareness of the future challenges faced by medical physicists and clinical engineers/technologists
2. Understanding of the challenges in relation to the growing use of mainstream devices in the clinical setting
3. Awareness of technology advancement in the assistive technology field

Target audience
Rehabilitation engineers/clinical scientists working with medical devices
Medical device managers/trainers
Clinical measurement teams
Medical device manufacturers

Abstract submission
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The provisional programme is available to download here.

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Registration fees: IPEM members: £135; IPEM technologist members: £95; Other Technologists (incl. RCT): £110; Pre-registration trainees: £110; Radiographers: £110; Non-salaried students: £65; Retired: £65; Non-members: £185
Registration deadline: 20th January 2016


This conference will take place in the Pennine Room at The Place Aparthotel, just 2 minutes walk from Manchester Piccadilly station.

The Place Aparthotel
Ducie Street
M1 2TP

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