IPEM Conferences Abstract Submission Policy

If you wish to submit an abstract to an IPEM conference, please use the template below and email your abstract to conferences@ipem.ac.uk ensuring you put the title of the conference in the subject header.


1) By submitting an abstract you have agreed to the terms and conditions as set out below:
• You grant IPEM a non–exclusive right to publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the abstract worldwide in all forms (including on the Institute’s website), formats and media now known or as developed in the future, including print, electronic and digital forms. You will retain copyright of your abstract, in addition to the moral rights you are entitled to as author of the abstract.
• The author is responsible for the accuracy of the abstract.
• All authors presenting at the Conference must register and pay to attend.
• If the author(s) have any commercial interests or associations that might pose a conflict of interest regarding this submission, they must be declared. If accepted for presentation, the commercial interest or association must be declared on the title slide or the slide immediately following the title slide.
• You give us permission to film or photograph your presentation at the Conference, which may be used on the IPEM Website. Please state in your submitting email if you do not wish us to film or photograph your presentation.
• You confirm that the submission has been approved by all authors.
• At least one author will be available to present the abstract if selected for the program.

2) Abstracts must be submitted before midnight on the day of the abstract submission deadline. Abstracts received after this deadline will NOT be accepted. Faxed or posted abstracts will not be accepted.

3) If the conference title is not in the email subject heading then the abstract will not be accepted.

4) All presenters must provide a telephone number when submitting their abstract that they can be reached on in case of any queries. 


Abstracts must be in word format and use single line spacing.
• Abstracts should state briefly and clearly the purpose, methods, results and conclusions of the work. The maximum word count is 500 words.
o Aims and/or Background: Clearly state the purpose of the abstract
o Methods: Describe your selection of observations or experimental subjects clearly
o Results: Present your results in a logical sequence in text, tables and illustrations - IF RESULTS ARE NOT INCLUDED THEN YOUR ABSTRACT MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED
o Discussion around results (if applicable)
o Conclusion: Clearly state the conclusion of your study.
• Please ensure that you check your abstract carefully before submitting to ensure it is the final version. Changes will not be permitted once the abstract has been submitted and you have received your confirmation email.

An abstract template is available to use here: ABSTRACT TEMPLATE

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